Finally, an app for continuous franchise improvement! Schedule, perform and analyze franchisee field audits!

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Improve franchisee performance

FranchiseBlast Field Audits enables a franchisor's field support team to work hand-in-hand with their franchisees to improve performance.

Unit-Level Economics

Guide your franchisees into improving both their top line sales and their profits.

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Engage Franchisees

Engaged franchisees not only follow the system & succeed, they help improve it.

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Ensure Compliance

Continuous reviews help ensure consistency across the system.

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Reduced Overhead

Electronic evaluations eliminate inefficient manual work and allow for better analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The FranchiseBlast Field Audits App is a very powerful tool. We've answered common questions below, but feel free to request a demo to answer any of your other questions.

Yes, this application is hosted on our servers in the cloud. We take care of the setup, maintenance and backups for you.
The Field Audits App is simply a cloud-based web application included within FranchiseBlast and can thus be used on any device with an internet connection and a web browser. It works on desktops, laptops, tablets (iPad/Android/etc) and even mobile phones (iPhone included).
Field support staff typically use the simplified mobile interface to evaluate franchisees & take pictures whereas the scheduling and analysis work is typically done by the franchisor on the comfort of a desktop or laptop computer.
You have full control over the questionnaires. Questionnaires can be single or multi-page and feature a number of different types of questions: yes/no, single choice, multiple choice, short answer, long answer and even picture upload. The system will automatically compute a total evaluation result based on the questions which were answered, and these questions can be weighted. Questions can be mandatory or optional and can even be translated. Because we also allow the creation of unlimited questionnaires, you can evaluate different types of franchisees differently.
There are no limits. You can create as many questionnaires, questions, audits/visits/evaluations and field support staff as you need. Our system will accumulate data indefinitely. Pricing is based on the number of franchisees.
Yes. The Field Audits App is a part of the FranchiseBlast franchise management system. As such, custom dashboards can be created to focus on your KPIs. These include but are not limited to: customer satisfaction results, franchisee sales data and franchisee purchasing data.
Yes. We offer a 30 day risk-free trial.

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Curious about pricing?

This app is included at no extra charge in all versions of FranchiseBlast!
It can also be purchased separately.

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