Compare your data

By its very nature, FranchiseBlast collects lots of information about your franchisees. However, that information can easily become overwhelming. That’s why we’ve included an easy to use benchmarking solution within our franchise management system. The goal of this module is to allow you to focus on your key performance metrics and improve your unit-level economics. We’ll work with you to define the key drivers for your franchise, ensure that information gets imported into FranchiseBlast and present it in a user friendly way. When looking at a franchise, you can easily compare any metric (sales, purchases, profits, loyalty program, customer satisfaction, audit scores, etc.) with the franchisee’s past performance for that same metric in any time period. Furthermore, FranchiseBlast lets you create any number of comparison groups (all franchisees, all those on the West coast, all those opened in 2011, top 10 performers, etc.).

Custom integrations

Although many of your key performance indicators are calculated based on data generated by FranchiseBlast itself (audit scores, etc.), there are some metrics which must be imported from external systems (sale data from a third party point of sale, profits from your accounting software, customer survey results, etc.). Our team of software engineers will work with you to automate the process as much as possible to ensure you can make data-driven decisions without having to combine information from dozens of systems.