Franchise Sales CRM

Why Should Franchise Developers Use a CRM System?

Using a CRM system enables franchise developers to manage the franchise applications effectively. In other words, it gets them organized and following a standardized and repeatable process; just like running a franchise! As a franchisor, you get visibility into any pending deal, the communication history with your franchise prospect to avoid sending them the same material twice and clearly know the next step required for them to become a franchisee.

An integrated solution

FranchiseBlast recognizes that the initial sales process is but one step in a broader picture. Our goal is to simplify the whole franchisee life cycle management. As such, FranchiseBlast first integrates into your franchise website where prospects fill out their franchise application online and pushes this information into the Franchise Sales CRM. This eliminates the need to copy information from one system to another. Second, once a prospect signs your franchisee agreement, the information flows back into FranchiseBlast where you can execute actions plans to begin onboarding and store opening.

Your franchise: your sales process

Our CRM solution embodies our philosophy of simplicity over complexity. It is extremely easy to use and fully customizable to match your sales process. We love it. However, we also understand that your franchise developers may be up and running in a CRM which you’ve already configured for your needs. That’s great too. We can easily swap out our CRM with your existing one. Regardless of the CRM you use, our goal is to reduce redundant data-entry, simplify processes and make your life easier.